We help you write better than you need to

Most people who write can write well enough. They can satisfy their editors and readers (not always the same thing), get the stipend or the item for their resume or the publication they need for tenure, and go on to the next job.

But they don’t say all they could, or all they would like, to all the readers they could reach. We help writers who want to write better, who want to learn the craft, and who hope that everything they write has some permanent value, or at least is written as if it did. We offer close reading, careful editing, and as much instruction as you want. (I say “we” because I sometimes work with other writers and editors.)

That said, we also help writers with all the usual editorial services, including those writing on very tight deadlines, stuck for ideas, needing a long essay trimmed or a rough draft refined and polished.

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The weblog collects items on writing sent to a group of friends, which we hope some people will find useful.

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